About us
Institute for Support of Education and Entrepreneurship BONUM is a training organisation, acting in educational sector.

The main aim of Institute is to act for increasing mobility of young Europeans. This aim is realizedmainly through organization of placements for young people from various European countries in companies and organisations located in Krakow and Małopolska Region. We host our trainees mainly in frame of Leonardo da Vinci Programme. We fit each work experience placement taking into consideration individual preferences of each participant and when it is relized within the confines of Leonardo da Vinci programme the theme and aims of the project are considered.

Very important ativity supporting the mission of Institute is organization of Polish language courses for foreigners and culture programmes. Thanks to those activities the participants broaden their minds and gain a knowledge about Poland.

Now, we are preparing the training offer with our partners. The trinings will be directed to people who want to gain and broaden their konwledge in the ares such as: project management, intercultural communication and realization of educational tasks within so-called trird sector (foundations and associations). These themes are especially interesting for people who want to realize educational projects, both on a local and international level.

Our team was created by people, who have significant experience in realization of international, educational projects, mainly within Leonardo da Vinci and Youth Programme.